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Mooji ~ The Need For A Partner

“Continue to immerse the attention inside the heart itself.”

“Be which is beyond need.”

“A true partner may come which will not come to you while you’re doubting.  You have to get over this thing, out of the need, the neediness, and feel the freedom of your own Self.  The completeness of your Self.”

“Maybe it’s the vasana of society: the need to be with someone.”

“We don’t complete each other; we complement.”

“But as soon as somehow you discover the Truth, then I feel you will be a very good partner.  Because your partner will be your guru and you will be their guru.  Because you are both focused inside the same love for Truth.”

“Most relationships promote duality.  Few enhance the search for Truth.”

“Every relationship can be made use of to find the Truth.”

“Romantic relationship is the one thing that will get to places where other relationships can’t reach.”

“Even your bad relationships are opportunities to discover the Truth.”

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